Use ONLY your EIN whilst e-filing your HVUT Form 2290!

Hello there truckers, in this article we are going to discuss about the importance of EIN whilst e-filing your HVUT Form 2290. The federal law states that the HVUT payers must use their Employer identification numbers over their Social Security Numbers while e-filing in particular. This law stays in common for both businesses & Individual Owner Operators.

We are insisting on this fact since many HVUT payers have indeed faced rejections by using their Social security numbers whilst e-filing their HVUT Form 2290’s. Before you can use your EIN over your e-filing application, make sure of few things prior to that such as

  • The EIN should be exactly applied for the business name/individual name you try to use on your Form 2290 application.
  • The EIN must have been applied before 15 business days prior to the date it was used on the E-filing application. As the IRS takes up to 15 business days (Excluding weekends & Federal Holidays) to record your EIN application.

Now when you face a rejection on your e-filed tax return due to the usage of an SSN, there are few ways by which you will be able to fix the tax return.

  • You can apply for a new EIN over the Internal Revenue Service website, via the below link:

  • You can also contact the Internal Revenue Service @ 1-(800) 829-4933 Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to apply for a new EIN over the phone. However both these above mentioned steps involves a minimum waiting period of 15 business days (Excluding weekends & Federal Holidays)
  • If you cannot wait until 15 business days due to the immediate requirement of the HVUT Form 2290 for your vehicle registration/licensing/tags purposes, you may simply print out the copy of your tax return and simply step into the nearby IRS office to have it filed over there by still using your SSN. As the EIN necessity is only applicable for e-filings but not for paper filings/filings done directly at the local IRS office. has been rated to be one of the most trusted and reliable website among major trucking companies and owner operators. We remain significant among others due to our economic pricing.  As economic e-filing begins here as low as $7.99 to report a single vehicle on a Form 2290.

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