wishes everyone a Happy Friendship day in Advance!

Good Friends Care for each other…

Close Friends understand each Other…

TRUE Friends stay forever beyond words, beyond time…

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Friendship is the divine gift of god. A life without friends is really hard to imagine. It has been rightly said, “Count your age by friends, not years”. With the closest friends beside you, undoubtedly you can truly make your life bigger even if it is not long. Everyone knows that the much awaited occasion of Friendship Day is just a week ahead from now.

Friendship Day has been celebrated in different ways, on different dates, by different cultures for the last century. To each their own you know.  It’s a day to recognize the vital role that friendships play in our lives. But even the clueless among us know that close friendships aren’t made or celebrated on a single day. They’re nurtured by repeated contacts over time when we share our real selves with others.

Below are few suggestions for you to do on this Friendship day 2018:

  • Call a friend whom you haven’t contacted in a while and catch up.
  • Tell your friends what they mean to you over the Social Media Forums.
  • Make a list of friends throughout the years and marvel at the impact they have had on your life.
  • Make a friendship book if possible draw a picture of each friend with a word/quality that represented who they were to him.
  • Create friendship cards with inspiring sayings on them, ideally something you come up with about what friendship is to you.

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We wish everyone a Happy Friendship Day 2018! See you over the next article.