Troubles encountered by First Time HVUT Form 2290 E-Filers!

On a daily basis we receive calls from our users seeking assistance over their HVUT Form 2290 e-filing process. Since they are first time users they are not aware of the constraints that are generally involved while e-filing a Form 2290. Hence, if you are a First Time Filer kindly read this article before you begin your E-filing process.

Using your Social Security Number while E-filing Form 2290:

Federal law states that you need to use an FTIN (Federal Tax payer Identification Number) when your tax returns are electronically filed. Most first time e-filers are unaware of the fact hence upon usage of their Social Security Number leads to the rejection of their application. This law stays in common for both businesses & individual owner operators. In case you do not have a EIN, you simply need to contact the IRS @ (800) 829-4933 else simply log on to the IRS official website to apply one.  Also you are required to wait until 15 business days before you may use the EIN over any e-filed application.

Business/Individual Name:

It is crucial the name on your 2290 matches the name associated with your EIN. A mismatch causes IRS rejections prolong completion of the 2290 filing and further extending the time when you can legally start using your truck. Call the IRS 2290 hot-line at 866-699-4096 to verify the name associated with your EIN if you are unsure.

The Form 2290 Due Date:

Federal law states that a Form 2290 must be filed for a vehicle by the last day of the month following the month of its first use. Else, Form 2290 is generally due by June & its payable until the end of August.

Suspended Vehicles & Logging Vehicles:

In terms of Form 2290 Suspension of a vehicle means the unit travels less than five thousand miles a year (July 1st 2017 through June 30th 2018) qualifying it for exemption of the tax. Meaning it’s suspended from the tax or tax exempt, but because of its 55000 lbs or more weight classification it still needs a 2290 filed for registration purposes.

Suspension is most common in agriculture based vehicles. Classifying a vehicle as logging means it is a heavy use vehicle that exclusively carries materials derived from the forest like trees, logs, or lumber. Besides Logging vehicles receive a separate taxation classification.


Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is one of the three payment options offered for your 2290 tax due payment to the Internal Revenue Service. Unlike Credit or debit card, EFTPS is a government agency which supports scheduling Federal Tax Payments through the Internal Revenue Service. We kindly request you not to select the EFTPS option unless you have an account with IRS since you need to set up an account to receive a PIN and wait until 15 business days ( Excluding weekends & Federal holidays) prior to scheduling a payment though EFTPS website. You may also log on to for further information.

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