Tips to Avoid Transaction Failure Message while Processing CC Payments

Hello there Truckers, we hope this article reaches you with high spirits. Over this article we are going to discuss about one of the common difficulties that might occur generally when you’re trying to make an on line payment off your Credit/Debit Cards, It’s known as “Transaction Failure” meaning that there was a problem in processing your tax return.

We receive such calls once in a while from our customers, that they have some problems in processing the service fee payment on our website. This happens commonly due to few reasons as listed below:

  • Name on the Card Mismatch
  • Address on the Card Mismatch
  • If there was any blocks applied on the card by your Bank.

Name on the Card Mismatch:

Generally when you are making a credit card payment you are always required to type in the name on the card as it appears. Using the non-identical name will end up in a failure transaction. This issue commonly occurs in a Company card where the users might face a dilemma whether which of the names shall be used.

Address on the Card Mismatch

You are required to use the billing address that is associated to the card through which you are trying to process a payment. This commonly happens when you use your present address if that was not updated in your bank’s records. It’s advisable to contact your bank to have the address updated before you attempt to conduct a transaction.

If there was any blocks applied on your card by your bank.

If you are not a frequent user of your card, by default your bank applies block on your card to process payments on any 3rd party websites. If you encounter a message stating a General Decline of the Card” you are required to contact your bank and request them to void the block applied on your card.”


So you need to make sure that you are not committing any of these mistakes while you attempt to process the service fee payment through our web application Also, in other cases if you feel there were multiple debits off a single transaction due to a preceding transaction failure, do not panic. Since, In case of a Transaction Failure, the charge included for the transaction will be unauthorized by your bank hence it ends up as a Failure payment. Although the failure payments might appear to be a debit on your bank statement but technically the money remains unsettled to us on these failure transactions.


Note: Generally your financial institution reserves the amount for every transaction that you attempt to conduct. However if the transaction fails your bank will automatically release the funds back to your bank account. Generally it takes up-to 2-4 business days (depends on your financial institution’s terms & regulations) to notice the credit appearance in your card. You may certainly contact your bank for further inquiries over this matter.

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