Join the 2290 Pre E-Filing Race Before It Ends!

Hey there truckers, Now it’s time to race along with the Pre E-Filers. By Pre E-Filing you have a chance to jump the queue of regular E-Filers who are not really concerned right now about the Pre E-Filing, however they might realize that were late during the time when they had to wait until the IRS accepts their tax returns since the IRS E-File servers will be clogged up with millions of tax returns by then.

By Pre E-Filing your HVUT Form 2290 you will gain priority from the Internal Revenue Service in accordance to the acceptance of your tax return during the high time. As the IRS always accepts tax returns on First In; First Out basis. Hence, the sooner you E-File the sooner you receive the IRS digital watermarked copy of schedule 1 in your e-mail soon as the IRS accepts your tax return.

There are many advantages involved in E-Filing such as, you can amend your tax return in order to make changes to your tax return in accordance to

  • Report an Increase in the Gross weight of the Vehicle
  • When the vehicle exceeds the miles of exemption
  • To Report a Change on the Vehicle Identification Number

Not to mention that the turnaround time is minutes here. It just takes few minutes before you receive the IRS digital watermarked proof of filing back in your e-mail, which would legally serve as the legal proof of payment during your vehicle registration purposes. has been reported to be one of the economic and more reliable websites by many independent owner operators across our nation and trucking companies who simply believes us for our user friendly application and customer support. We always stay adhered towards serving the very hardworking trucking community.  “Our Sales May Go Up or Down; But Our Service Stays Forever”!

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