Got a notice or letter from IRS for non payment of 2290 tax dues

Few of our customers reached us that IRS has sent them a letter for non-payment of tax dues… however they have made the payments and still receiving the IRS letter for non-payment of dues mistakenly. At the other side few customers who has picked Credit/Debit card option has missed to make this payment at another website listed below.

Did you received a similar letter from IRS about non-payment of tax dues? don’t panic you can get out of it. In major cases this might be because of some miscommunication or system update error. In few cases you would have opted to pay with your credit/debit card and missed to make a payment. IRS would have faced problem in debiting  your bank for EFW – Direct Debit opted users etc…  talk to IRS at 1-800-829-0115 for anything related to the IRS letter or reach out to us we can guide you through. 

Here is something that you could check with…

1. Check how you chose to pay the IRS. There’re multiple options to choose and see which one you opted for – EFW, EFTPS, Credit/Debit, Or check/money order.

2. If you chose Direct Debit – Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) check your bank statement to make sure the funds were successfully debited from your account. It may appear as “IRS USA Tax Payment,” “IRS USA Tax Pymt” or something similar will be shown on your bank statement as proof of payment. If it is showing up, then you’re done. IRS might automatically withdraw the letter. However, if the amount has not been debited, please call us and talk to our executive.

3. If you chose EFTPS, then you would have paid the dues separately at website.

4. If you chose Credit or Debit card as your payment option, then you would have made this payment separately. This payment in made at a third party site like, or

We have just charged you for the service fee from the credit / debit card you entered in our website and we’re not capturing the tax dues payment. Please make sure you did it at one of the above payment processing site’s authorized by IRS.

5. If you chose Check or Money Order, you would have written a check along with your 2290 – Payment Voucher, mailed it to the Cincinnati, Ohio address.

Reach us at 347 – 515 – 2290 or email us your questions to

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