When it comes to finding love you seem to be out of luck most of the time. However, if you’re dating a sapiosexual, then intelligence is what makes them the most attracted to you. If you’re not sure what to call yourself, here are some signs you might identify as asexual: 1. Being attracted to an intelligent person is a common scenario because intelligence is an exceptional trait of an individual. Signs That You're A Sapiosexual If you're nodding along in agreement so far, there’s a big chance that you are turned on by intelligence. However, it does not automatically mean that you are a sapiosexual person.
It’s pretty hard for you to find love. Intellectual Conversation Stimulates You Signs You’re a Sapiosexual. You Find People More Attractive As You Get To Know Them. Ever met someone and, though her beauty didn’t take your breath away, something about how she conducted themselves, how she spoke and her confidence was undeniably appealing to you? 1. (If you haven't seen Gaga's performance of "Paparazzi," watch it ASAP.) 1) You're Attracted to Well-Read Women Basically, whether you want to call yourself sapiosexual or you're just curious about why you might date differently, here are 12 signs intelligence is a mental and physical turn on for you in friendships and relationships alike. There are certain signs that you may be a sapiosexual that you should know about. Then as you go to know her, suddenly, she becomes way more beautiful? Finding intelligence arousing isn’t a new ‘type,’ it’s most likely been around for as long as we have, but the Oxford Dictionary says that the word sapiosexual first originated in the early 21st century. 14 Signs You Might Be Sapiosexual: 1.

Even if you wouldn't call yourself a sapiosexual, more and more women these days say they are attracted to intelligence. You are able to tell whether someone is good looking. Things are a lot slower for you … You sometimes feel like there is something wrong with you because you cannot just find someone to fall for. When this type of person is looking for a partner, it is something that matters a lot to them. You are able to appreciate their strong cheekbones, silky hair, or six-pack abs. So with that in mind, here are 3 key signs that you might be a sapiosexual, plus some tips to show every woman you meet that you're a masculine, intelligent man. These people possess distinguishable traits that make them unique, which include the following: However, if you're still not convinced this is how your body and mind truly function, let the pros predict some clear indicators that your orientation is sapiosexual. They make up a relatively small percentage of the population, but there are quite a few. Signs That You’re A Sapiosexual 1. You can tell when someone is attractive — but you are not attracted to them.

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