Komodo on high-end productions. RED seems to be shipping its 6K Komodo cinema camera based on Jarred Land's social media activity. The Stormtrooper white version costs $7,000.

RED Komodo 6K Sensor.
Explore RED's modular camera system and groundbreaking image quality. As we wrote before, the Komodo is RED’s most affordable option, and it’s dedicated to the Run&Gun shooting style that suits many independent content creators. If you do the math, this sensor is more substantial than “traditional” Super35 sensors. RED's Komodo cinema camera will cost $6,000. In some recent posts on REDUser, Jarred Land unveiled a couple of new things about the RED Komodo sensor and the camera capabilities.Indeed, the Komodo will feature a Komodo 6K Super35 sensor that measures 27.03mm x 14.25mm (6144 x 3240).

RED is the leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras. So, currently, the RED Komodo is up for pre-order. It’s body does not weight more than 2 pounds. The latest KOMODO tease (from today) comes again in a form of a photo on Jarred Land’s instagram account and it tells us a bit more this time. It is not larger than 4 inches in any dimension.

$7K if you want a custom color. In a recent post , Land confirms that Komodo will cost approximately $6,000, and for those who want to step outside the traditional black digs, custom hues are available for $7K. Body Weight: less than 2lbs; Pricing and availability. As stated above, the base price for the RED Komodo is $6,000. The only way currently to pre-order a Komodo is to contact Jarred Land directly at jarred@red.com.
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