The rough earthsnake is a small earthworm-eating snake found in many backyards and open lots of eastern Texas, often found when overturning logs and stones. Feeding: The diet of such a small snake consists largely of invertebrate prey. Texas Snakes & More provides snake safety education to groups of all sizes. Non-Venomous. Safety Education. Its pointed snout facilitates burrowing in the moist soil where its prey is found. Rough Earth Snake – Yard Work Published on June 27, 2012 December 28, 2019 by DFWUW These two Rough Earth Snake were found while doing routine maintenance on our landscaping. Link to Photos. Texas Distribution: The single subspecies of Virginia valeriae present in Texas, V. v. elegans, is found from the Austin and San Antonio areas northeastward towards Tyler and Longview. Biography. Products. Capture & Removal. Home. … Behavior: Rough earth snake have never been known to bite. Snake Pictures. Common Myths. Feeds almost exclusively on earthworms, though ant larvae may also be taken.

Rough Earth Snake. Field Exploration. Conservation Status: The rough earthsnake is not a protected species in Texas and can be legally collected with a hunting license. The smooth earthsnake is not a protected species in Texas and can be legally collected with a hunting license. Birthday Parties .

We also provide birthday party services, venomous snake posters, custom cage tops, and more! Texas Web Links . Snake Proofing. Response when discovered on the ground is to lie motionless or play possum when disturbed. School Programs.

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