/ I have to go through this / I belong to here where / No one cares, and

Play dead And let time Heal all your wounds Play Dead Put this behind Me and you Oh l I'm with you There's no mistaking of her path The destruction will … Oxidized and holy, sanitized in chlorine. Play Dead Lyrics: You know the way my blood runs / 'Cause darlin' you're the only one / Can you and I go somewhere? "Play Dead" lyrics. Accidental? "Play Dead" lyrics. More Björk Lyrics. Isolated for my crimes and misdemeanors, graduating to the piece of shit that I became. I’ll call off all that keeps me down. / Go somewhere we can be alone / … Lyrics for Heaven and Hell (Harlots Season 2) by Let's Play Dead. Play Dead Lyrics. Play dead, play dead with me You know that I was quiet We'll walk outside into the show We'll run a light in thousands Cause everybody else is growing old So slow down your heartbeat Close your eyes and don't speak Lay here with my body Play dead Slow down your heartbeat Close your eyes and don't speak And lay with my body Play dead, play dead with me

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Operated by a fictional computer, and navigating down the stream of possibilities, I could never…maybe. Bjork Lyrics "Play Dead" Darling stop confusing me With your wishful thinking Hopeful embraces Don't you understand? 1,097,225 Lyrics; 110,886 Artists; 1,737,493 Comments; SongMeanings.
Play Dead Lyrics: Do you have a place to stay / Oh it' s really not a bother / Tomorrow is another day / Take some time and you'll recover / You may have suffered from the wrath / Of a god that I play dead, it stops the hurting I play dead and the hurt stops It's sometimes just like sleeping Curling up inside my private tortures I nestle into pain Hug suffering, caress every ache I’ll call in and play sick, the worst thing has happened. Maybe. Play Dead Lyrics: Oh, oh / Darling, stop confusing me / With your wishful thinking / Hopeful embraces / Don't you understand? It's maybe best to just play dead Ease away to 3 A.M He found freedom in the mayhem Amen Amen And they say when I play I roll over and play dead A funky, funky rhyme is what I got A sellout is what I'm not Boomin' words from hell is hot, dissin' me will get you shot Esham affiliate of Reel Life Production All the suckers dissin' me, fuck 'em 'Cause my homicidal vital recital is … We do not have any tags for Play Dead lyrics. Joga Lyrics; All Is Full of Love Lyrics; Hyperballad Lyrics; Cocoon Lyrics; Pagan Poetry Lyrics; facebook twitter youtube. Log in to add a tag. Why not add your own? Play Dead Lyrics: This is not good / Bat shit, I'm bat shit, my ships crash, my zag zig / I'm all whiplash in that black tint, black ash on my flag pin / I go zip zap and y'all back spin, y'all I have to go through this I belong to here Where no-one cares And no-one loves No light, no air to live in A place called Hate The city of fear I play dead

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