Mar 22, 2017 - Lots of cute Ragamuffin Cats. Below is a gallery of some RagaMuffin kittens and cats photos that show examples of the many colors of RagaMuffins. There is nothing like looking at candid photos of the cute, sweet faces of RagaMuffin kittens! iCandy RagaMuffins is commited to healthy, happy cats and is designated a CFA Cattery of Excellence. We are a small in home RagaMuffin Kitten Breeder. See more ideas about Ragamuffin cat, Cats, Ragamuffin.
Kittens And Puppies Cute Cats And Kittens I Love Cats Cool Cats Kittens Cutest Crazy Cats Puppies Gif Fluffy Kittens Kitty Cats. Imperial Rags RagaMuffin Kittens. RagaMuffin Cats RagaMuffin Kittens RagaMuffin Rescue You have arrived at the World's Largest RagaMuffin Cat Organization!Dedicated to the protection and welfare of the ORIGINAL RagaMuffins. The RagaMuffin is a rare purebred cat breed and there are few breeders of this wonderful feline. Love It 1. Ragamuffin cat - Tuxedo markings (on this particular cat) with Ragdoll personality = perfection!! I am a member of the RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers, the Empire Cat Club and the Central Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers. What this means is that your future RagaMuffin Kitten s are raised among our family members, and as a part of our family. The Ragamuffin is also friendly toward other pets, including dogs, other cats, birds, rodents and lizards. See more ideas about Ragamuffin cat, Cat breeds, Ragamuffin. your own Pins on Pinterest Please bookmark our site and visit often, we update pictures of our kittens a couple times a week and our site is current so you know that kittens shown as available are still available. Breeding is not for everyone. Finally, the health of your kitties should be your first priority.

These cats are also susceptible to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which causes a thickening of the heart muscle. The RagaMuffin is a large cat with a thick, medium-length coat that comes in all colors and patterns. It is a variant of the Ragdoll cat. Browse through the Gallery of RagaMuffins for photos of RagaMuffin kittens bred by members of TRKBS Males weigh 15 to 20 pounds, and females are 10 to 15 pounds. Some photos of past and present Imperial Rags cats! At first glance you’ll be awed at the magnificent creature. Explore our beautiful and adorable RagaMuffin kitten and cat photos. 8 talking about this. 0:15.

The feeling of luxurious fur against your hand completes the enchantment. Saved by Lynn Lynn. The first associations that accepted Ragamuffin cats were UFO, after that ACFA and finally the CFA. Ragamuffin Cat on Cat Breeds Information Ragamuffin Cat Breed Information; Overview, Characteristics, Temperament, Maintenance, and Photos. To this gentle giant, everyone is his friend. <3 I've always wanted two big, long-haired tuxedos...One I'd name Sylvester and the other Junior.

We have plenty of ragamuffin kittens which are the best companion! The history of the RagaMuffin is intertwined with the history of the Ragdoll breed. The Look of a Ragamuffin. You must have a commitment to the breed and want to promote them by showing your RagaMuffins at times. Lob Hairstyle Permed Hairstyles Unique Hairstyles Diy Haarfärbemittel Diy Hair Dye Hair Colour Design Covering Gray Hair At Home Hair Color Natal Diy. These stunning, sweet cats are truly eye candy! The first cat of this breed, Josephine, was a semi-feral solid white Turkish Angora-type cat that resided in Riverside, California. Identifying this problem in a cat could be an indicator that the cat is a member of the Ragamuffin breed. Ai Muffin Joyce Li Dalian, China On this page, you will see RagaMuffins in a wide variety of coat and eye colors. Discover (and save!) We get so many fantastic photos of our RagaMuffin kittens from the wonderful people that adopt them, and thought we would share them with everyone. 1. Photos of RagaMuffin kittens. Welcome to Ragdoll Kittens website!

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