Under publisher tinyBuild, the Pathologic remake was retitled Pathologic 2 to distinguish it from Pathologic Classic HD. Earth - in a wide sence.

Contents . This forum is about Pathologic 2. malfunction. Pathologic 2 is an open world survival thriller set in a town that’s being consumed by a deadly plague. Come now, you haven't given us any time to change the set! The plague isn’t just a disease. Pathologic 2 is the product of a perverse design philosophy. Get to know it, winning the affection of the locals and gaining allies, or try to carve your own path alone. Check out the Guides, information on Characters, The World, and more! Last edited by inanity; Sep 8, 2019 @ 7:27pm #12. Backers of Pathologic 2 were given access to an early demo of the game's content titled Pathologic: The Marble Nest. I'm super excited to conclude the plot. You can’t save everyone. Read at your own risk. Plot: Pathologic 2. Even though the game idea and underlying story plot is basically the same, the game will not play or feel the same as the original, and additional content has been included. I think I finally found out why I am so stunned by Pathologic 2I'm not very fond of gaming, mostly because I can't play games at all, the only games I grew up with were some point'n'clicks like Syberia and Broken Sword. Come now, you haven't given us any time to change the set! Overview. Read at your own risk. That being said, I am immensely disappointed that I spent $35 on this and have run into a corrupted saves on day 6. Pathologic remake is now called Pathologic 2 and has a very strange trailer By Andy Chalk 31 August 2017 The "new" Pathologic has been renamed to …

This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. It’s one of the reasons I awarded Pathologic 2 a so-so 6/10 rather than the higher mark its story deserved.. This entry contains potential spoilers for Pathologic 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Pathologic 2 > (EN) General Discussions > Topic Details. Let me just start out by saying I discovered Pathologic 2 on PS4 when it released just recently and absolutely fell in love with it. Any workaround for PS4 corrupted saves? The best thing in Pathologic 2 is collecting herbs. Pathologic 2 is a harsh, unwelcoming experience that took a lot out of me, but everything in it, no matter how odd or seemingly inconsequential, is setup for an eventual payoff.

Pathologic Classic HD was released on 29 October 2015. The official and #1 community-generated Wiki resource for Pathologic and Pathologic 2, the plot-driven survival open-world adventure games for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Jun 5, 2019 @ 9:33am How many Endings (spoilers) title. The remaster received generally favourable reviews, according to Metacritic.

The demo released December 1, 2017. This entry is painfully incomplete. From Pathologic Wiki.

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