Annelids have an enlarged coelom to accommodate more complex internal organs.

It is red- brown in color. Draw a diagram of a crayfish and label the external anatomy. What phylum does the Crayfish belong? Name three differences crayfish have w/ annelids 4. Annelids have a more complex nervous system than roundworms. What phylum does the Crayfish belong? 8. _____ ii. Name two common characteristics crayfish share w/ annelids 3. Annelids have a true coelom while roundworms have a pseudocoelom. What are the pinchers called? _____ 3.

2. _____ 2. The blood is always contained in the vessels -- it does not enter the rest of the body. Crayfish Pre-lab Worksheet The following worksheet must be successfully completed before you start the actual dissection of the crayfish. Name two common characteristics crayfish share w/ annelids i.

1. Name three differences crayfish have w/ annelids i. External Features 5. The body is divided into two parts. Name them 6. The well-developed, fluid-filled coelom and the tough integument act as a hydrostatic skeleton. 7. There are about 12,000 marine, freshwater, and terrestrial species usually divided into three taxonomic classes. The difference between an English crayfish and an American crayfish is the English crayfish grows to about 3 inches long. Annelids and humans have closed circulatory systems in which the heart pumps blood into vessels. Annelids are segmented whereas roundworms are not. Name two common characteristics crayfish share with annelids. Introduction 1.

How many major limbs? Arthropods, however, have open circulatory systems, so the blood actually pumps the blood into parts of the body cavity known as sinuses, where it surrounds tissues.

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