A fascinating standout of the cinéma vérité movement, Salesman is a fly on the wall documentary following four desperate salesmen as they travel across middle America, from frigid Boston to balmy Florida, peddling $50 bibles to the elderly, the working class and the bored suburban housewives of the late 1960s. Captures in vivid detail the bygone era of the door-to-door salesman. “Salesman” is edited by Charlotte Zwerin, whom the Maysles list as a co-creator, to conclude with a cascade of failures, among them a futile attempt to sell a Bible to a salesman …

BLU-RAY REVIEW: Criterion; Documentary; $39.95 Blu-ray; Not rated. Gimme Shelter and Salesman.
This radically influential portrait of American dreams and disillusionment from Direct Cinema pioneers David Maysles, Albert Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin captures, with indelible humanity, the worlds of four dogged door-to-door Bible salesmen as they travel from Boston to Florida on a seemingly futile quest to sell luxury editions of the Good Book to working-class Catholics.

Paul drives through Miami, talking about his fellow salesmen, while the scene cuts to each of the men he describes. [David Maysles; Albert Maysles; Charlotte Zwerin; Paul Brennan; Charles McDevitt; James Baker, (Salesman); Raymond Martos; Maysles Films.

** New digital restoration! Captures in vivid detail the bygone era of the door-to-door salesman.
Enjoy the new restoration at Metrograph 1/26. Abstract: A documentary feature film in cinéma vérité style which closely follows the activities of four door-to-door Bible salesmen on their routes. Before Grey Gardens, There Was Salesman “Globesman” takes its inspiration from Salesman , the 1969 Maysles Brothers documentary that follows a group of traveling Bible salesmen. "Salesman" is a very effective cinema verite documentary from the Maysles Brothers about bible salesmen operating in Massachusetts and Florida on the surface. ** New digital restoration! Get this from a library! The Maysles brothers' cinema verite documentaries flow over with memorable personages, from Jackie Kennedy's Warholian relatives tottering about in semi-lunacy in Grey Gardens to cocky Mick Jagger suddenly subdued by a death at Altamont in Gimme Shelter. Get this from a library! Salesman also has the distinction of breaking down barriers of directorial “authorship” in documentary film, particularly for women. The Maysles brothers wanted to be the first to make a nonfiction feature film (which turned out to be Salesman) after learning that Truman Capote had made the claim that his newly released book In Cold Blood was a nonfiction novel. Film Synopsis.

SALESMAN follows four door-to-door Bible salesmen as they walk the line between hype and despair. [David Maysles; Albert Maysles; Charlotte Zwerin; Paul Brennan; Charles McDevitt; James Baker, (Salesman); Raymond Martos; Maysles Films. Christo in Paris. Directed by Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin.

But the Maysles brothers’ fascination with the way subjects seem to want to lay themselves bare for their cameras provides us with a thoughtful path into that world. While laboring to sell a gold-embossed version of the Good Book, Paul Brennan and his colleagues target the beleaguered masses — then face the demands of quotas and the frustrations of life on the road.

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