Breed: Mandarin Duck Temperament: placid Cost: $750 a pair Lifespan: 12 years+ Maintenance: High Recommended for: Enthusiasts One of the world’s most attractive duck species is also one of the oldest. The Mandarin duck (Aix galericulata), or just Mandarin, is a perching duck species, it is native to East Asia. This beautiful bird can be found in Eastern Asia, China, Russia, Europe and certain parts of North America. Mandarin duck can survive in various habitats. For hundreds of years Mandarin Ducks have been found in the forests of Asia and, in the West, they have been kept and bred for more than 200 years. Their purple-colored breast has two white vertical lines, and it has two orange 'sails' at the back. The Mandarin Duck is said to enhance the chance of him or her finding their mate for life, creating marriage opportunities that will be everlasting. OUR DATA: We use the most recent data from these primary sources: AnAge, UMICH, Max Planck, PanTHERIA, Arkive, UKC, AKC. The Mandarin Ducks are always portrayed in a pair; this is because of their real-life habits. The drake mandarin's stunning plumage has long made it an artist's favourite, and it is widely depicted in oriental art. Mandarin ducks are actually quite shy birds, often hiding beneath overhanging willows and usually only forming small flocks. It usually inhabits areas near lakes, ponds and rivers, but it can be also found in broadleaf and coniferous forests and near the urban areas. The Mandarin duck is a beautifully colored bird with a greenish-black forehead and a purple crest near the back of the head. Mandarin duck is a close relative of North American Wood duck. It has a white crescent above the eye, a reddish face, 'whiskers', and a red bill. The sides of the head are creamy white with a chestnut patch below the eyes. Contents[show] Appearance It is a medium-sized bird, adult males are distinct. The upper breast is maroon, and the lower breast and belly are white. The sides of the neck and the cheeks have longer brown feathers. Mandarin Duck The mandarin, widely regarded as the world's most beautiful duck, is a native of China and Japan. How to identify A beautiful, unmistakable duck: male mandarins have elaborate plumage with orange plumes on their cheeks, orange 'sails' on their back, and pale orange sides; females are dull in comparison, with grey heads, brown backs and white eyestripe. Discover How Long Canvasback Lives. The male mandarin has the most elaborate and ornate plumage with distinctive long orange feathers on the side of the face, orange 'sails' on the back, and pale orange flanks.The female is dull by comparison with a grey head and white stripe behind the eye, brown back and mottled flanks.

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