In this post, you'll learn 34 king vulture facts, including diet, size, wingspan, habitat, unique features and more. The King Vulture has a talent for being able to conserve its energy. Even large vultures, however, give way to nearly all mammalian competitors, including jackals, hyenas, and coyotes.

Current Population Size (N) Current Number of Participating AZA Member Institutions. King vultures have a very colorful look that distinguishes them from their vulture relatives. Date of Last PVA/B&T Plan. King Vultures information through the AZA's SSP. As a result when this one comes along to eat other species of birds will typically leave the find. The bird has broad wings and a short, broad, and square tail. Smaller vultures must wait for the scraps left behind by the larger, dominant species. Unlike some New World vultures, the king vulture lacks eyelashes. Plus lots of photos. The king vulture has, relative to its size, the largest skull and braincase, and strongest bill of the New World vultures.

They are able to glide in the air using the currents from the wind. Projected % GD at 100 years or 10 generations** SSP Program Designation 5 year target Population size. Have you heard about Ecuador's king vulture?

They are rarely aggressive, even to other Vultures. They don’t want to get into a confrontation with such a powerful bird. When feeding, vultures maintain a strict social order based on body size and strength of beak. Home Resources > > > > raptors > > > ... King Vulture. Photo: Alyssa Simon, Brevard Zoo. This bill has a hooked tip and a sharp cutting edge. They are predominately white, with black tails and wing tips. The irises of its eyes are white and bordered by bright red sclera.

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