The indigo bunting is a sparrowlike bird with a conical bill. They can't resist, hop on edge and see all those free seeds and take the death plunge.

The birds are indigo buntings, migratory songbirds that arrive from winter homes in southern Mexico and Central America. Underparts are blue. It often migrates by night, using the stars to navigate. bucket 1/2 to 2/3 full of water and sprinkle sunflower seeds enough to cover water.

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In mid-Michigan, we often see them at the finch or sunflower bird feeders. But these beautiful colors are illusory: Like the iridescence of hummingbirds and the blue plumage of other species such as Eastern Bluebird, the male Indigo Bunting owes its glorious appearance to an optical trick — the diffraction of light through its feathers. Breeding for these birds occurs from the months of May to September. A male Indigo Bunting in breeding plumage is a glorious symphony of shimmering blues, turquoises, and purples. Similar in size to a goldfinch, the male Indigo buntings …

They prefer to eat on hopper feeders and platform feeders. Feeders for Indigo Buntings.

Catch mice, chippy's and red squirrels. Feb 11, 2016 - Explore treebyrd314's board "Michigan Birds" on Pinterest. Discussion in ' Michigan Non-Game Animals, Plants, and Scenery ' started by OH-YEAH!!! In parts of the East, Indigo Bunting may be the most abundant songbird, with the deep-blue males singing along every roadside. When it’s time to mate, the male buntings can be found with ease, sporting a small blue body and a purple crown. Males change their blue feathers for brown in autumn, which makes for … See more ideas about Birds, Beautiful birds, Pet birds. Sometimes nicknamed "blue canaries," these brilliantly colored yet common and widespread birds whistle their bouncy songs through the late spring and summer all over eastern North America. The Indigo Bunting Passerina cyanea can be seen all over Michigan during their migration in spring and fall and like to nest in a dense growth of shrubbery or weedy habitats between woods and old fields.

Indigo Bunting The male indigo bunting is commonly seen as a breeding species and at migration hot spots. General: These small bright birds make their way to Michigan from Central America during the spring, and settle in woodland edges and farmlands to nest in the spring and summer. The Bunting is a cousin of the Cardinal, and probably because of this they prefer many of the same things, so you can also use a … note is characteristic. Female Indigo Buntings (below left) can be easily mistaken for a little brown bird, the hint of … The breathtaking, all-blue male indigo bunting, with his silvery conical bill, is unmistakable. The plain brown females are seen far less often, and they have good reason to be inconspicuous: they do almost all the work of caring for the eggs and young, hidden away in …

For Indigo Buntings: Serve any or all of the following: millet, Nyjer, or Joe’s Mix in tube feeders with or without trays, hopper or fly-through feeders. Indigo Buntings are almost black but the diffraction of light through their feathers makes them look blue. They're named for their deep sea-blue color that looks like indigo … Females and immatures are a warm cocoa-brown overall. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2 The indigo bunting is another Michigan bird that is quite a sight to see.

First-spring males are blotched with blue and brown. Females and immatures are a warm cocoa-brown overall. Male Indigo Buntings are all-over blue with black flight feathers (above left and above right).

When the sun hits the male his feather structure refracts the sun to make him appear a brilliant indigo blue. The all-blue male Indigo Bunting sings with cheerful gusto and looks like a scrap of sky with wings. Indigo Bunting, as for the yard rats, I use a 5 gal. This bunting has a habit of twitching its tail to the side, and its spit!

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