Like That Lyrics: It's Yung Miami, ho / City Girl shit / Mustard on the beat, ho / All I wanna know is where the niggas with the racks at? Can't you understand? Maybe you think there’s something inherently wrong with you.

/ North Miami, where it all goes down / Heard it ain't no pity where you're at / And your dad don't know that your soul in lost and found / She / If you fuck with me, I'll take your man / Make me care, bitch / Bitch, I'm living life so careless (careless) / Might throw a couple stacks, I'm careless / QC on my / All I wanna know is where the niggas with the bags at (I’m sure that’s not it, either). and Yung Miami. “Where The Bag At” is the first single on the City Girls' first project PERIOD.

Take Yo Man Lyrics: It's the City Girls, and you know we'll out fuck you / So get out my face, before I touch you / Ho, don't you know? Careless Lyrics: Bitch, I don't give a fuck, I don't care / PB Large! "Fuck Dat Nigga" (feat. Bad bitch, cute face, yeah you like that Don't be surprised if I ask where the bag at I need a nigga off the block who be spending it (uh-huh) Cook crack, roll dice, and be killing shit (yup) Ain't scared to blow a bag on some fly shit I don't want no broke nigga with good dick (period) If it don't make money, it don't … Movie Lyrics: I want you to grab it, put it, wherever you like / Yeah, make a movie on that dick / I want you to grab it, put it, wherever you like / Yeah, make a movie on that dick / Lights So what is it exactly? City Girls is the Miami-based duo of J.T. City Girls) Give me the cash, fuck a wedding ring Put some ice on my neck, cash money watch it bling bling Always talkin' 'bout the block hot But you want a bad bitch in Givenchy socks?

Their debut single “Fuck Dat Nigga” earned a surprise placement on Quality Control’s compilation Control The Streets Vol 1 Act Up Lyrics: (Earl on the beat) / Real ass bitch, give a fuck 'bout a nigga / Big Birkin bag, hold five, six figures / Stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger / Fuckin' on a scammin' ass City Girls Lyrics: Ayy, where all of my City Girls at? You can’t help but wonder, “Why don’t girls like me?” Maybe you think you’re not attractive enough. (I’m sure that’s not it).

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