Dec 23, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Zobeida bonilla. (I adopted her) When I get new hamsters, I want to do it right. Cup the hamster in the palm of your hand. That’s the end of this article how to tame a hamster. Before you try to tame your dwarf hamster, give it a day or so to get used to its new environment, then hang out near its cage watching TV or reading a book for a few days. By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update. The hamster has 5 hearts, and if killed, will drop one hamster food. Once he is in the palm of your hand, place your other hand on top of the hamster to create a little cave.

13 Steps To Tame Your Hamster Without Getting Bitten When I first got my Teddy I only knew a little about hamsters, so I made a few mistakes while taming him. While hamsters don't need human contact, they do make fantastic pets if they are tamed. Thanks i'll give you 5stars for the best answer Although all hamsters are territorial the only one of the most popular domesticated species that is of a solitary nature are the Syrian hamster. Playing with your hamster regularly will make it feel more comfortable around you and confident in its new surroundings. They're still really young and I want to start taming them. And if its not because of my hand smells of food. Taming your hamster is particularly important if you want to get the most out of your time together. Move your hamster's cage to a central location in your home once he's settled into his habitat. Hamsters don't come pre-tamed, you'll have to do the work.

When I bring my hammy home I want to know exactly how to get him or her to get to the stage of letting me take him or her out of the cage without running away and trusting me enough in all aspects. April 3, 2020 at 10:23 pm. Either way though, whether you get a hamster from a breeder or a pet store you'll need to work with your hamster to make it tame.


Hamsters come in eight color variants: black, brown, dark brown, dark gray, golden, gray, plum and white. Emma. When you bring home a new hamster, give it a week or so to adjust to its new home and surroundings before you try to do much handling.Make sure your hamster has a good-sized cage and the other necessities for stress-free housing. There is no fast and hard rule as to how long it takes to build up a bond with your hamster. Handling Taming Syrian Hamsters. Handling your pet is one of the best parts of owning a hamster, while it is also necessary when it is time to clean the cage, but at first you will need to be patient and gradually form a trusting bond. Step 2. This is why taming is such a crucial process and must be done correctly. Hold your hamster for a few minutes each day. Some people believe that getting a hamster from a breeder will get you a "tamer" hamster since breeders spend time handling the hamsters. Before you try to tame your dwarf hamster, give it a day or so to get used to its new environment, then hang out near its cage watching TV or reading a book for a few days. However, based on my experience, I would say that on average it takes around a month to completely tame a hamster from scratch. Choosing which animal to get as a pet may seem like the toughest part of owning a pet. How can i tame my hamster? Make sure his head is sticking out. It's a Syranian Short haired hamster and the shopkeeper said it is about 6 months old. Nothing kills a hamster in the wild, and the hamster's only known food sources are hamster food and apples. The Syrian hamster originated in Syria, and several wild-caught animals were bred and domesticated in Jerusalem before being brought to England in 1931 and the U.S. in 1938. Today is the first day i got my hamster. It is this one process that could entirely change your experience as a hamster owner. He'll likely be confused and frightened by the changes in his surroundings since you brought him home. You now have a few ideas on how to tame a hamster – apply these steps to reduce stress and maintain safety. How to Hand-Tame a Hamster Hamsters are often put on display like fish, or bought as starter pets for children and then left neglected without any human contact. All pet Syrian hamsters are descendants of those first ones -- a male and two females. But: In reality, it is the process of taming and training that tests your nerves.

3 thoughts on “How to tame a hamster” ash. The methods described here refer to the Syrian hamster only, and may not work well with other species of hamsters that are not of a solitary nature. Do not try to handle him for several days after setting up his new cage. They can be found in Beach and Desert biomes.

Taming a Hamster . Im abit scared and i want some tips. Once your hamster is comfortable with your presence, introduce your hand into the cage, but don’t try to pick up the hamster right away. So I am adopting a hamster on Saturday, probably a Teddy Bear Hamster [aka Syrian Hamster] but possibly a Dwarf hamster instead, depending on what hamsters are up for adoption at the petstore. Here I want to show you what to do to make sure you tame your hammy, and not get bitten in the process. Place your hand in the cage and allow the hamster to walk into your hand.

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