Evander Holyfield says he is ready to make a return to the boxing ring after over eight years away. Evander Holyfield’s personal life, particularly his marriages and children born outside marriage, used to evoke a lot of interest -- as much as his display in the ring. BOXING legend Evander Holyfield is stepping back into the ring aged 57 – hot on the heels of his infamous 53-year-old rival Mike Tyson hinting at his own return.

This marriage saw the two having 5 children. Play video content BACK IN …

Evander Holyfield Just Shared a Glimpse of His Intense Comeback Training on Instagram The 57-year-old boxer is pulling out all the stops ahead of his much-anticipated return to the ring. His date of birth makes him a Libra. The four-time heavyweight champion will fight for charity, just like his old rival Mike Tyson. He was born on October 19, 1962. Holyfield was nicknamed “The Real Deal” during his active career days, and he is the only four-time world heavyweight champion. Later, Holyfield went on to marry Dr, Janice Itson from Chicago.
He divorced her in 1991. Another son, 22-year-old Evan, just made his professional … He was born on October 19, 1962. He retired from professional boxing in 2014. Evander Holyfield shows off power and strength in gruelling weight training workout as 57-year-old continues to get in shape for potential return to the ring with fans dreaming of a third fight with Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield shows fans his gruelling weight training workout on Instagram 57-year-old is being lined up to make […] Evander Holyfield has married thrice in his life. Holyfield, now 57, wants to reignite an old rivalry with New Yorker Riddick Bowe. Biography. Evander Holyfield was born in 1962 on 19th October to Isom Coley and Annie Laura Holyfield. Former undisputed cruiserweig… Evander Holyfield is currently 57 years old. Evander Holyfield is a former American boxer who had a professional career from 1984 to 2011.

The 57-year-old wants to return to the ring this year for an exhibition fight for charity, and has listed three opponents who he would like to face. He was born and raised in Alabama, USA. A professional boxer, Evander Holyfield has … Holy moly! In the late 1980s, he reined the ring as the undisputed champion at cruiserweight and also at heavyweight in 1990.

Evander Holyfield Net Worth: Evander Holyfield is a retired American professional boxer who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Boxer Evander Holyfield was born on October 19, 1962 in Attmore, Alabama, to Annie Riggen Holyfield and Isom Coley. His date of birth makes him a Libra. Holyfield’s family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was four years old and at eight years old, he joined the Boys & Girls Club and met Carter Morgan, who introduced him to the field of boxing. He also has eight siblings. Evander Holyfield has left fans in no doubt that he is ready for a potential showdown with Mike Tyson after showing off his skills in a training session on Instagram. Now, with 57-year-old Holyfield also training for a comeback-- we asked if there's truth to the rumors they're planning on running it back for a 3rd time. He married his first wife Paulette Bowen in 1985. Evander Holyfield has announced a comeback to the boxing ring. EVANDER HOLYFIELD has shown the gruelling workouts he is doing to prepare for a sensational boxing return. A twice divorced Holyfield’s first marriage with Paulette when he was 22 years old went on nearly 6 years. Evander Holyfield and Russian giant Nikolai Valuev fight in Zurich, Switzerland in 2008.
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