The most critical aspect of the diet of guinea pigs is their requirement for vitamin C. Apart from that, the key to a healthy diet in a guinea pig is unlimited amounts of hay. 1st feed 1% body weight, 2nd feed 2% body weight, 3rd feed 3% body weight.

Guinea pig feeding. Guinea pig is 6 years old and started losing weight, had lost interest in hay, and wasn’t looking like he would live much longer, so we got him critical care. Obesity. When your guinea pig has received a clean bill of health e.g. Guinea pigs don't usually overeat, but it's important to provide the proper balance of pellets, hay and fresh vegetables. Guinea pigs are well developed at birth and within a few months are able to eat an adult diet. How to Force Feed (Syringe Feed) Your Guinea Pig with Critical Care. Mostly I use mushed up pellets, but if it is formula, I add three times as much water to the amount of powder; that gives you a good consistency. Serve hay out of a hay rack. This seems like a lot once mixed with water! NOTES: Feed your guinea pig with his four feet planted firmly on the ground. How many tablespoons per day of critical care(dry)?? Let him suckle and never push more than 0.3 - to max. Typical guinea pig feeds on the market contain high levels of fat, commonly over 3% and as high as 5%. SandyF prefers to feed her guinea pigs Critical Care with a 1cc syringe and she has taken some awesome photos to guide you if you choose to use the same method. Put a blanket for your guinea pig to rest on. I have been giving my guinea pig 15-16ml each feeding and feed her every 3-4 hrs. Avoid: Mixes with nuts, corn, seeds, and fruit because guinea pigs have a tendency to select those tempting morsels over the healthy pellets. Guinea pigs are great as a child’s first pet or as a lifelong hobby. It’s your new guinea pig’s favorite food, and they thrive on a variety of it. How much to feed.

You’re going to want hay— lots of hay! Have your guinea pig examined by a vet to determine the cause of diarrhoea. If your piggy doesn't like it, you can mix critical care with mushed up pellets so the mix tastes more familiar and goes down a bit more easily. A well-balanced guinea pig diet consists of: High-quality guinea pig food, Timothy hay and limited amounts of vegetables and fruits.

I need to know how much critical care to give her per day. Step 5A: Determine MLS/Feeding for Mammals and Birds. 03-30-20, 05:11 pm #2. any illness has cleared, the teeth are growing in correctly, then it’s time to “test the waters” a little – start reducing the amount you feed, first of all. Re: Help with critical care UPDATE: Thought I'd give an update on Elvis. I've hand fed 4 of my guinea pigs and our bunny Fiver and I wanted to share my experience of hand feeding.

And he hated it, wouldn’t touch it or anything the critical care touched, so we tried sarx plus instead. You can find lots more tips in the syringe feeding guide. of Critical Care, every day, for every 1000 grams that it weighs. Your guinea pig needs hay, pellets, and possibly a critical care formula. Feeding the Adult Guinea Pig. Read PDF. Re: How much to feed sick pig Originally Posted by bpatters A guinea pig that's eating nothing else needs 100+ cc. Feeding your guinea pig. Share. How to give Critical Care or RecoveryPlus PLEASE NOTE, others have successfully used the smaller syringe. Get to know your guinea pig’s digestive system, nutritional concerns and how to properly feed your adult guinea pig. pigs with respiratory difficulties, while others will actually “drink” all the food from the syringe and may get through as much as 30ml in as little as 10-15 minutes. Most guinea pigs will not overeat (usually eat about 1/8 cup per day) but the number of pellets may need to be restricted if a guinea pig becomes obese. My guinea pig weighs 913g. Have your guinea pig examined by a vet to determine the cause of diarrhoea. Require 30 to 50 mg of vitamin C daily from high-quality food, vitamin supplements or fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-free … Sometimes she barely finishes that amount. She is not eating or drinking on her own.

Like human beings, guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C, so they require vitamin C-rich foods in their daily diet. Obesity in guinea pigs can lead to respiratory, heart and liver disease. They are members of the Cavy family (Caviidae) of rodents native to South America. Oxbow’s Adult Guinea Pig Food is made from high-quality timothy hay that provides the appropriate fibre needed for healthy digestive system function. Guinea Pig Papa. I was feeding him the critical care for 1-2 weeks but the sessions would take forever and he'd often spit up/spit out the food. Dr. Kenneth Welle, an exotic pet veterinarian at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana, has advice on housing and feeding your guinea pig.

For adult guinea pigs, choose from one of Oxbow’s three premium adult guinea pig formulas.

(The hay that guinea pigs snack on looks a bit like their bedding, and you don’t want your new guinea pig dining on its mattress!)

"Hay is critical not only to help wear down their continuously growing teeth, but also to keeping the bacteria in their intestinal tract that ferment their food healthy." He said give her 20cc's per feeding. She is not eating or drinking on her own.

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