Grunting and gagging aren't necessarily signs of tooth problems -- dropping food and drooling make me think of teeth moreso tan grunting and gagging. guinea pig not eating for three days, so took to local vets who removed a tooth "spur" on left hand side. Identify stressful events for your guinea pig. It's not high pitched, but not exactly low either, although it is low compared to the other noises. So my guinea pig Cookie sounds like he is sort of snorting/grunting (I was holiding him today and heard this snorting/grunting sort of noise). Examples of stressors for your guinea pig are pregnancy and a change in routine (e.g., cleaning, feeding). Grunting/chortling: A guinea-pig makes this noise when it's happy. Hissing: This sound may also sound like chattering teeth and is a sign that your pet guinea pig is angry or aggressive.It is often accompanied by bared teeth. And since it happens when he drinks as well as eats, he may well be drinking/eating too fast. Hopefully, you will have been making friends with it since it arrived, but even in acclimatised animals giving medication can be very stressful all round. I wouldn't worry about coughing after food or drink as a lot of pigs do that, but raspy breathing can be a sign of an upper respiratory tract infection, which can be serious for guinea pigs.

Events that are stressful to your guinea pig could weaken his immune system and increase his chances of getting a respiratory problem. I held his chest to my ear and also put my ear in front of his nose to listen for crackly breathing, but I didn't hear anything irregular. Pneumonia and Respiratory Problems in Guinea Pigs. D. ddc08 New Member. has nibbled the top of a piece of cucumber also but nothing more. They are quiet, clean and require little care; however, they do need a lot of person-guinea pig interactions and socialization to be optimal companions.

Guinea pigs make excellent pets for adults and children (older than 6 years old).

My guinea pig seems listless and is making little grunting sounds. The guinea pig is a gentle, highly social rodent, that commonly serves as a companion animal and an experimental model in North America and Europe. But... Pay close attention to him. It sounds like she's just starting to develop her personality.

This condition can be life-threatening to a sick guinea pig.

Grunting/chortling: A guinea-pig makes this noise when it's happy. He's also acting completely normal otherwise. It's very quiet, and he ONLY ever does it when he's eating (hay, pellets, veggies, etc). Joined Sep 3, 2008 Messages 72 Reaction score 1 Points 0. Guinea Pig Care. Thread starter ddc08; Start date Feb 15, 2009; Status Not open for further replies.

Here are some of the most common guinea pig diseases and some top tips on how to pick up on the cues that you have a sick guinea pig. Although he had water in a bottle he seemed very thirsty and we've managed to get him to take some water which livened him up initially, but then he began to shake a little and has now got very sleepy. The grunting sound is pretty normal in guinea pigs. As long as she's eating well and drinking well and passing stools, I would not worry about these noises. Check with the pet shop if they have an on-site vet.

Food preferences are established early in life, and a guinea pig can refuse to eat if their food type or presentation is changed. And since it happens when he drinks as well as eats, he may well be drinking/eating too fast. About Guinea Pigs; Grunting; Results 1 to 6 of 6 Thread: Grunting.

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