GTA 5 has more biodiversity (GTA 4 has only homo sapiens), more precise graphics and display, has more activity BUT * GTA 4’s physics is amazing. Voitures à télécharger pour modifier GTA IV sur PC, tous les derniers téléchargements et mods pour Grand Theft Auto Which ending should I take in GTA 4? Sign In. Sign In. During some missions you'll have to make a choice: do you kill someone or not? Existing user? Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors place it in an '80s-era Vice City, however, so this might not be the case. Sign In .
Favorite Answer. I really don't know which way to go with. GTA 5 Ending. 6 Answers. Specifically, it will affect the current mission, as well as the following 2 missions. Playing GTA 4, I had the ending where Michelle (that was her name, right?) If GTA 6 does jump back in time to the 1980s, fans will be left with only hints from GTA 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online as to which GTA 5 ending was true. Storyline choices (GTA IV) From WikiGTA - The Complete Grand Theft Auto Walkthrough. Download it now for GTA 4! GTA 4 GTA IV SaveGame Story Complete Mod was downloaded 72563 times and it has 10.00 of 10 points so far. Most of the times this could be a dilemma, and to simplify this dilemma, you can use the next table to find out what the results will be of the different choices. Is there a way to get 100%? Ending starts at minute 9:12 #3 Ending: “The Third Way” Franklin, Michael and Trevor go fighting both FIB’s strike team and Devin’s troops. GTA 4 ending...? I am curioius to know but I don't want to have to play the game all over agian took me 35 hours time played to beat it ( i took my time did side missions messed around etc.) Yes, your choice will affect the ending.

GTA 5 has more biodiversity (GTA 4 has only homo sapiens), more precise graphics and display, has more activity BUT * GTA 4’s physics is amazing. To promote Father Companion - Alternate Ending Option For Fallout 4 and grow its popularity (), use the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire.Or try our widget. Who are you gonna kill? In overall I would go with GTA 4 in case my intention is to enjoy a game. Does taking revenge instead of the deal in GTA IV affect the ending? NEEDS NO PLUCKING.

Michelle was the first girlfriend, (the undercover agent from The … A hitman kills Roman, Dimitri …
Last Edited: 2 Jan 2020 6:08 pm. Kind of sad that it didn't end up a happy ending after all. Anonymous. In overall I would go with GTA 4 in case my intention is to enjoy a game. Can someone tell me if they got a different ending then mine and who they killed/didnt kill? Does it matter who you kill whens it asks you to choose? when i got this ending i was kinda dissapointed since my game said 60% complete. Forgot your password? Top Contributors: Vampire Horde, Jared Petty, Jon Ryan + more.

Entertaining moments in GTA 4 for the 360, live on with fellow viewers. Nice and surely the best ending!

That is, assuming GTA 6 takes place after GTA 5. I am up the final mission in GTA 4 where you have to choose between doing the deal (and getting Roman killed), or killing Dimitri (and getting Kate killed). Page Tools. Roman's cab company could be ran by Niko, Mallory or even Mohammed during GTA V and have the name left due to respect for the passing of Roman. Sign in anonymously. I think the whole point of having 2 endings on any other choices for that matter during the game, is that none of them is considered "cannon" and they are both left ambiguous in the next games. i beat gta 4 a couple hours ago and i got the ending where you kill that guy on happiness island. I am just curious as to what happens/ Answer Save. GTA IV; GTAFORUMS. Relevance . (the first ending) So here are the first two endings, plus the best ending in GTA 5 (which is actually the first one you will see): got killed, but I went back and did it the other way just so they ended up alive and together. What happens if you don't take your revenge in gta 4? Jump to: navigation, search. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. 1 decade ago.

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