Foie Gras is considered a luxury dish, and a staple of french cuisine served as an appetizer. They are somewhere in between a standard goose liver and goose foie gras. This savory, cold-weather treat is a fine use for goose liver as well as for some of the fat rendered if you roast a goose. Force feeding geese to enlarge their livers for harvest has made the dish controversial and banned in some places. It is a baked pâté made of goose liver. (Wedge any loose … This mousse-like goose liver pate is made with fatty goose liver or extra fatty goose liver. Neither product is goose foie gras. May 12, 2016 - Late Harvest Fatty Goose liver is a natural and more humane alternative to foie gras, although it's just as much a culinary treat!.

The liver is harvested in the fall, just after the free-range geese have devoured extra quantities of food, as they naturally do in preparation for migration. It's equally delicious made with duck fat and the livers of duck or chicken. Sprinkle each lobe and any loose pieces of the goose liver (foiegras) on both sides with kosher salt and white pepper. A tart Concord grape gelée offsets the richness of these goose liver terrines. See more ideas about Liver recipes, Culinary, Recipes.

Sprinkle one third of Sauternes in terrine and firmly press large lobe of foie gras, smooth side down, into bottom.

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