Scott: Yes there is. Trying to get rid of flying squirrels in your attic can be a timely process that can result in costly cleaning, repairs and resources. Factors like how hard it is to reach the squirrel, the existence of a nest, or baby squirrels all play a role. Additionally, the use of strobe lights and other scare tactics can be helpful.

Flying squirrels will generally be smaller than the Eastern Gray squirrels that are such a problem for many people, but flying squirrels will also live in much greater numbers. John: Sure. Flying squirrels are more like humans, where we like to go the bathroom in one area, so do flying squirrels. Squirrels Vs. Avoid escalating the problem by consulting with a wildlife technician. Flying squirrels like to go to the bathroom in one area in your attic. They will assess the situation and come up with the best course of action for helping getting rid of and/or exclude flying squirrels from your home. Homeowners can reduce the possibility of finding flying squirrels in the attic by replacing broken window screens, fixing damaged vents, and repairing holes in roofs that allow the pests to enter. Unlike other species, they have extra skin flaps behind their front legs, and also have large eyes. If flying squirrels still find a way inside, individuals should contact professional wildlife removal services.

Flying Squirrels in the Attic. If you're not able to access the attic space yourself, then a visual examination of the soffits and boards around the base of your roof will often indicate a number of holes that could be used by the flying squirrels as entry and exit points. It’s usually corner in a soffit, right where your pop … So Scott, are there physical signs that identify a flying squirrel in my attic as opposed to other types of squirrels? As for the actual removal of the flying squirrels from your attic, this can range from $500-$1600, depending on the number of squirrels, labor, and the specific situation.

Flying squirrels having a stronger preference for traveling from tree to tree, instead of on the ground as grey squirrels might do.

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