The ground skink has very short legs and slithers faster than it walks, making a quick escape by wriggling into the water or under a pile of vegetation. (7.5-14.6 cm) The ground skink is small, smooth, and brown with a dark stripe along its side. Skink-like lizards first appear in the ... underneath man-made structures, and ground-level buildings such as garages and first-floor apartments. Photo by Todd Pierson.

Make sure your skink has a comfortable tank with plenty of space to roam and hide.

Geckos are so common in buildings in South Florida that they are called ‘house lizards.’ Anoles and skinks are easy to watch in almost any park or garden. Description: 3-5.75 in.
Because of the skinks' prevalence in natural habitats, suburban residential areas, and even green areas within cities, many people are likely to encounter one type of skink or another in most parts of the country. Broad-headed Skink.

Scincella lateralis. Brown Anole. Ground skinks have a transparent disk in the lower eyelid (known as a nictitating membrane) that covers and protects the eye. Plestiodon reynoldsi (STEJNEGER 1910), Florida Sand Skink Skinks are medium-sized reptiles many enjoy keeping as pets. It is absent from higher elevations in the Appalachian Mountains. The ground or brown skink (Scincilla lateralis) is another native skink that is 3-4 inches long and brown in color. Sand Skink. Southeastern Five-lined Skink. Plestiodon inexpectatus (TAYLOR 1932), Southeastern Five-lined Skink. They are quite common on lawns and around houses. Mole Skink. Some are "sand swimmers", especially the desert species, such as the mole skink or sand skink in Florida.

Texas, Alabama, and Florida each are home to half a dozen or more. The showy variety is the southern five-lined skink (Eumeces inexpectatus), which can be identified by five yellow lines running down the back of the body and a bright, fluorescent blue tail which fades with aged. Fence Lizard. ... (tree-climbing) or aquatic species.

Florida Scrub Lizard. Ground Skink.

Florida Worm Lizard. The ground skink is found throughout much of the Eastern United States, from New Jersey, Ohio, and Kansas south to Texas and Florida, as well as into northern Mexico.

At least one or more kind of skink is native to 47 states. They are coppery brown on the back and sides with a wide dark stripe on the upper part of their sides.
Plestiodon fasciatus (LINNAEUS 1758), Common Five-lined Skink. Plestiodon laticeps (SCHNEIDER 1801), Broadhead Skink. A skink can be an excellent pet with proper care. Broad-headed skinks are the largest of Florida’s skinks, often growing to more than a foot in length. Adult ground skinks are about 5 inches (13 cm) long, their legs are small and they move quickly in a snake-like winding motion. Provide a diet rich in the nutrients a skink needs to thrive. The Blue-tailed Skink, also known as the ‘Shinning-skink’ or the ‘Christmas Island Blue-tailed’, is a species of skink that is indigenous to the Christmas Island of Australia.Historical data have revealed that, these humble, non-poisonous reptiles were once feral and widespread throughout the island. Plestiodon egregius similis (MCCONKEY 1957), Northern Mole Skink. DISTRIBUTION: Ground skinks range throughout the eastern United States, from Kansas to the East Coast, south to the Florida Keys, and as far west as northern Mexico. Green Anole. The shade of brown varies from reddish or chocolate to light golden brown and often matches the leaf litter where the lizard lives. These small beautiful lizards are common in many parts of Florida.

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