1. 4, 6, 14 The use of area-based indices in the planning, directing and evaluating of vector control activities could produce more effective control strategies. Though dengue risk follows the dispersal of Ae. This systematic review examined the published evidence investigating associations between vector indices and dengue cases. Dengue epidemics occurred regularly in tropical, subtropical and temperate areas of the world. Author summary Dengue is an emerging mosquito-borne viral disease, which is transmitted through the bite of Aedes sp.
Larval indices such as Premise Index (PI), Breteau Index (BI) and Container Index (CI) are widely used to interpret the density of dengue vectors in surveillance programmes. To represent the occurrence of dengue in the Jaguaré neighborhood in 2006 and 2007, we used the Kernel ratio and to evaluate the relationship between dengue and the entomological indices, we used a generalized additive model in a spatial case–control design. These indices may be useful for forecasting disease outbreaks in an area. These indices were represented using statistical interpolation. The dengue virus causes 390 million infections and 96 million cases every year, and represents a major public health problem in the tropics and subtropics. Author Summary Routine sampling of mosquito vector populations is common in dengue-endemic countries worldwide despite doubts about methods used or the correlation between vector density and dengue transmission.

From a total of 1205 papers identified in … Aedes albopictus, a poor vector of dengue, is native and ubiquitous on the island. Here, based on the ubiquitous presence of Ae. Introduction Dengue infection is most important rapidly growing arboviral disease of public health concern. Aedes aegypti is an efficient primary vector of dengue, and has a heterogeneous distribution in Singapore.

Indices calculated per area may be more appropriate measures for assessing the risk of dengue. Favaro EA, Dibo MR, Pereira M, Chierotti AP, Rodrigues-Junior AL, Chiaravalloti-Neto F. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the most productive types of properties and containers for Aedes aegypti and the spatial distribution of entomological indices. Aedes aegypti entomological indices in an endemic area for dengue in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. However, use of the values of these indices as alarm signals is rarely considered in control programmes. mosquitoes. Aedes aegypti entomological indices in an endemic area for dengue in Sao Paulo State, Brazil Indicadores entomológicos de Aedes aegypti em área endêmica de dengue, São Paulo, Brasil METHODS: Between December 2006 and February 2007, the vector’s immature forms were collected to aegypti, the spatial distribution of the vector is often poorly characterized.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the most productive types of properties and containers for Aedes aegypti and the spatial distribution of entomological indices. Indices, Adult Density Based Indices, Tamil Nadu, India.
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