The Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Dogs; These laws and your local council by-laws will relate to minimum standards in the keeping of dogs, animal welfare and the prevention of cruelty, the number of dogs you may have on your property, their registration requirements and the maximum number of fertile female dogs that can be kept. Animal Care and Protection (Code of Practice for Breeding of Dogs) and Other Legislation Amendment Regulation 2017 Part 2 Amendment of Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2012 2017 SL No. These questions and many more are answered in the Department of Primary Industry Codes of Practice for the Private Keeping of Cats and Dogs. The Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Reptiles (the Code) is intended for anyone licensed by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to keep reptiles as pets. dogs, such as those that are pregnant, or nursing puppies, have special dietary needs. This Code explains what you need to do to meet the standard of care the law requires. Code of Practice for the Keeping of Dogs . 2 • AnimAl WelfAre Code of PrACtiCe: BreedinG doGS And CAtS 2 IntRoDUctIon 2.1 This Code sets the standards for the care and management of breeding dogs and cats. 2.2 It applies to the welfare of dogs and cats which are involved in the business of breeding and raising puppies and kittens.

The Codes of Practice reflect the views and values held by most Victorians about animal care. The codes are generally about keeping a particular type of animal (such as cattle, pigs or poultry) or about particular situations involving animals (such as circuses, at saleyards or abattoirs, or when being transported). The Code contains both mandatory standards and best-practice guidelines for the care of pet reptiles.

It has been designed to contribute to the welfare of the reptiles in captivity. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 established fundamental obligations relating to the care of animals. Codes of practice for animal welfare have provided useful guidance about the management and care of animals, mainly livestock. Code of Practice for the Welfare of Rabbits 3 Preface Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (“the Act”), if you own or are responsible for an animal you have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to ensure its welfare needs are met. According to the Code of Practice for the Keeping of Dogs on Construction Sites in Hong Kong issued by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD), upon completion of a project on a construction site, the contractor concerned must re-home and move the dogs on the site (construction site dogs) to a new location. The Code of Practice for the private keeping of Dogs under section 7 (1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 is now effective from 15th November 2007 and mentions DOGS VICTORIA as an organisation that can provide further information. Growing dogs may have special dietary requirements. Diets designed for adult dogs are not always suitable for growing animals and puppies.

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