I'm thinking that 41 projectiles is a lot of holes to be knocking into something. The deer I shot with slugs dropped on the spot and died. Yet shooting deer w/a 16ga 12 pellet load of #1 Buckshot "rolled them like a cottontail" and they were Dead Right There (DRT). Steel Buck should not be used on deer, as it has insufficient energy for a humane kill beyond about 25 yards. Some companies make affordable and very accurate guns. granted buckshot gives an alternate form of hunting which i can see but theres so many states that don't allow it, and alot of it i can see.

The Deer Season Slug is a solid option — especially for the money.

A slug, however, is basically a bullet for a shotgun. Some of … It’s a lower-price-point slug that still offers quality performance. It creates a sizeable wound channel, that craters at the end of momentum. Like all types of shot, a buckshot pattern grows in size as the range increases. We’re just going to focus on the matter of birdshot vs. buckshot and simply provide you with some key considerations for how to choose the right load or shell for your self-defense shotgun. The 00 Buck shot will have deeper individual pellet penetration, and will shred a body pretty well. #1 buckshot November 17th on private land.16 pellets and still respectable size pellets.I use a smooth bore with a slug,always my first shot.I use buckshot only for follow up shots. To our knowledge, no shells marketed specifically for defense pack birdshot. No matter which way you wind up in the birdshot/buckshot debate, you’re on the right path. I bought 12 gauge 2 3/4 inch Rifled Slugs and 12 gauge 3 inch 00 buckshot. I am curious to know what is better for a great sized deer, what will be a better accurate shot, and what recoil is worse. Before I ignite a firestorm over the whole question of buckshot vs. slug, let me note that I only use buckshot after patterning specific loads to a specific gun, then would only take a shot at a deer at very short ranges, 35 yards or less, period. If you want to go hunting and kill a deer with one shot then slugs are definitely the best ammo. Offered in 2 ¾-inch 12-gauge slug… Buckshot: Racoons, dogs foaming at the mouth, foxes trying to dig their way into the henhouse, I voted for slugs for their general usefulness. Posted by 4LSU2 on 11/19/13 at 7:41 pm to LSUlefty My first deer was killed with a 20 GA 3" magnum 00 buckshot single shot H&R on Christmas Eve of 1988 with my dad beside me. ah. I've seen at least 50 deer hit with 12 ga slugs from back in the day when regular .72 caliber rifled slugs were the only available to the new modern sabot rounds which are mostly about .50 cal. Even if you are busting brush, you still need to have a good shot to get your deer.

Others dropped and took a few minutes to pass. a few of the deer ran and died a short time later. Slugs are the most powerful type of shotgun ammunition that you can purchase. Lifelong deer hunter here in a shotgun only area of my State. re: 20 gauge 00 buckshot vs slug for deer. Watch Jeremy Stafford explain the difference in impact between slugs, birdshot, and buckshot while he dispels common myths about each and highlights the best option for home defense. Hornady’s 12-gauge CRITICAL DEFENSE, for example, packs eight #00 buckshot. Its projectiles are made of lead or filled with lead covered in copper. All square hits to the chest. I'm gonna try some of this Remington 12ga. Also think $30-45 for 50 shots or $30 for 5 with a slug gun. After picking up 50 pounds of whole corn for the upcoming rabbit season, I decided to test some ammunition for the upcoming Shotgun Deer season. Overall a slug is much more efficient at harvesting Deer than Buckshot. Slugs: Deer, black bear, hogs, moose, 00. Above, the current production fluted heavy barrel Ithaca Deerslayer III: one of the current breed of slug guns that has made 200 yard deer-hunting, with confidence, a reality under ideal conditions.

Longest shot about 60Y. I shot a lot of deer with my 20 gauge 870 with a smoothbore and could shoot sluggers well to 75 yds and I thought that was good.

The pellets will go throughout the deer and cause more damage to the guts and not only the heart.

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