Then I wiped it down with a lint free cloth. Looks more like crap in the finish than bubbles. The thickness usually shouldn't be 5 mil wet and total film thickness of 5 mil dry. I didn’t fully sand the table but instead did a light sand, enough for the new paint to grip it.

The first thing to understand is the need to begin with a thick polyurethane finish film to ensure that you don’t buff right through to bare wood.

Waterborne are usually limited to 2-3 mil wet. If you see bubbles forming in the paint coat, slow down your stroke speed. But if that's a seal coat it looks like it is very thick. When brushing poly you must do so with long, even strokes. But it varies by manufacturer. Yet, it’s one of the most confusing and misunderstood steps in the automotive painting process. Yep, looks like floaters to me as well.

Pierce the bubbles with a fine sewing needle. Those bubbles are just the surfactant in the paint, a.k.a.

As a clear finish for woodwork, polyurethane has advantages over lacquer and alkyd varnish, but it also has disadvantages. The problem is, some brands those bubbles don't always die completely back down, I brushed on some Valspar exterior trim paint once - and those bubbles didn't die back - they stayed and became part of the paint job. How to Troubleshoot Polyurethane. The only way to remove the bubbles is to sand them out. Pull it lightly across the surface of the surface, pushing the air out of the bubbles and bringing the paint back to the original painted surface. As the old finish comes off, be careful not to damage the bare wood underneath. The paint doesn’t come off as chips, you can peel it off once you pop the bubble. And be sure you sand parallel to the grain, never across grain patterns. You must also keep a wet edge. That’s not to say you should apply each coat thickly. Polyurethane Finish Tip#1: Start With a Thick Coating. The perplexing thing: The bubbles are dry, and go through 5 different layers of paint all the way down to the original primer. There are intercoat clears, finish clears, matte clears, and more. Application is Difficult Applying polyurethane with a brush is difficult. Most CV's have a wet and dry mil limit. By JoAnn Bortles February 02, 2020. The bubbles will dry in your finish and leave the surface bumpy. Only attempt this on projects that won't see a lot of wear-and-tear, because it makes the project more prone to peeling. Flatten the deflating bubble with a paint scraper. Laziness won out this time, lol, I always recommend a sealer to protect your hard work! detergent. Painting 101: Clearing Up Confusion About Painting Clearcoat. What role does a catalyst or hardener play? Avoid applying oil-based paint directly over latex paint. Painting clearcoat over a colored basecoat seems pretty straightforward.

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