Boykin Spaniels deliver high energy flushing and retrieving in a low-profile package.

The coats don't require a great deal of maintenance, but they do shed a good bit and are prone to tangling or matting, so many Boykin owners elect to shave the coats shorter to make them easier to maintain. The Chesapeake Bay Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, American Water Spaniel, and various pointing breeds were used in the development of this breed. I don’t expect a non shedder, but hoping for less than a lab. Boykin Spaniel Breeders has 6,836 members. Sometime in the early 20th century, a friend of Boykin’s found a dog … In 1977, the Boykin Spaniel Society was formed by the Boykin family and began maintaining a studbook in 1979. Comparison between Boykin Spaniel Dog and Labrador Retriever Dog. The Boykin Spaniel is the product of his native South Carolina, specifically developed to hunt from small boats with little room for the typical large retriever. Boykin Spaniel information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Boykin Spaniels and dog breed mixes. This series of Project Upland hunting dog breed profiles focuses on the hunting characteristics that set one breed apart from another – understanding that within a breed individual dogs may vary in temperament, conformation, instincts and abilities. Legend has it that the credit of this breed’s origin goes to L. Boykin, after whom the breed has been named. Boykin Spaniel Shedding Level Considering to get a Boykin Spaniel and want to know how bad is Boykin Spaniel shedding level and how hard it is to control the shedding of Boykin Spaniel Dogs? Hello- I am beginning to look for a new puppy and I am considering a Boykin over a lab.

He weighs 25 to 40 Box 2047 Camden, SC 29020 Phone: (803) 425-1032

Contact Us The Boykin Spaniel Society ® Street Address: 2337 Broad Street Mailing Address: P. O. I don’t want another dog that big. Whether you clip or don't clip, brush your Boykin's coat once a week to keep the shedding down to a minimum.

The Boykin Spaniel is medium in size, with emphasis placed on his hunting abilities, characterized by flushing and retrieving, with moderate speed and agility. Their coats shed a good bit, so many owners (particularly those living in the Deep South) shave their Boykins' coats to half their length or more to minimize shedding and to help keep the dog cool in hot weather. According to dog experts, Boykin Spaniels score out of 5 in the scale of … Breeders are expected to produce Boykins to high standards and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Boykin Spaniel Society. My last lab was 90+ lbs and tall / big. Not to mention, Boykin Spaniel Puppies are trainable, merry, and enthusiastic dogs.
follow us. Legend has it that the credit of this breed’s origin goes to L. Boykin, after whom the breed has been named. Hence, the Boykin, one of the smallest of the retrievers and a water dog par excellence. The Boykin Spaniel is an obedient breed that is eager to please.
In general, a medium-sized retrieving and flushing dog, Boykin Spaniels have a very rich coat brown in color. Boykin Spaniels move with the effortless and balanced gait typical of durable gundogs. This particular article focuses on the Boykin spaniel. The Boykin Spaniel, or simply the Boykin is a sporting dog developed in the lakes and swamps of South Carolina where it earned the title “Swamp Poodle”. Boykin Spaniels were raised to hunt wild animals, particularly birds in the marshy swamps of America’s South Carolina. The Boykin Spaniel Foundation encourages all boykin spaniel owners to have hips, eyes, heart, patellar luxation, DM, CEA & EIC testing done and offers financial reimbursements for having these tests done to BSS members. Boykin Spaniel Description: The origin of the Boykin Spaniel lies in South Carolina, USA.

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