Each circle represents one of the main migratory routes into the EU.

Update 26 May 2020: The only recent woodcock migratory movement we documented, was a bird leaving southern Michigan and moving to the Quebec/Ontario Boarder.The only other movements we observed were local.

May 26, 2020. Real-time analysis maps show intensities of actual bird migration as detected by the US weather surveillance radar network. Ornithology lab releases high-resolution migration maps By Kathi Borgmann | March 3, 2020. By Margaret Sessa-Hawkins . Interactive map of spring migration and sightings of hummingbirds in the USA & Canada in 2020 as reported by viewers of https://www.HummingbirdCentral.com Art has been central to World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) and will continue to be a key element in 2020.
Select Year: Legend.

American Robins A Welcome Sight. This year’s art was done using the Linocut method, a printmaking technique variant of woodcut, in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surfac.

The Urge of Migrate.

April 28, 2020.

Something spectacular. The study finds broad similarity in the routes used by specific …

March … Migration News Spring 2020. Before April 1st.

Migration Maps. American Robins As Spring Turns to Summer. Click on any of the map markers to see more details about that specific sighting. These gorgeous birds travel from their winter homes in South or Central America and Mexico towards the refreshing breezes in the north.
Just over 200 migrants in a 10-acre patch.

Migration traffic rate is defined as the number of birds that fly across a 1 km transect line per hour, with transect line running over the earth’s surface perpendicular to the direction of movement of the birds. This map presents the current migratory situation in Europe. American Robins Nesting is Underway! Weather … View larger map. View Map All Other Signs of Spring View Data; View Map Bald Eagle View Data; View Map Barn Swallow (FIRST sighted) ... View Map Hummingbird, Ruby-throated (FIRST) View Data; View Map Hummingbird, Rufous (FIRST) View Data; View Map Ice-Out View Data; View Map Leaf-Out (Any Species) View Data; View Map Loon (FIRST sighted) View Data; View Map Maple Syrup (FIRST Sap …

This map lets you track bird migration in real time With Euro Bird Portal’s LIVE viewer, you can look at weekly animated maps showing where birds have been sighted in real time.

Where have they been?

May 12, 2020. Mesmerizing Migration: Watch 118 Bird Species Migrate Across a Map of the Western Hemisphere By Pat Leonard January 20, 2016.

In the Spring, the annual hummingbird migration to their Summer destination begins! April 19 - 25.

Most bird migration in this hemisphere is closely tied to this green wave, which brings an abundance of insects, especially caterpillars. American Robins Preparing for the Next Generation. Migration Story: 23 May 2020, magic on the coast of Virginia. March 31, 2020.

April 1 - 18. What do you get when you combine what bird-watchers observe with what satellites see from space? 23 May 2020 on the eastern shore of Virginia brought some migration magic to a small habitat patch for some lucky observers. American Robins An Adaptable Species. For the first time, scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have documented migratory movements of bird populations spanning the entire year for 118 species throughout the Western Hemisphere. Like a lot of birds out there, hummingbirds migrate in the colder months to a warmer climate. The 12 focal bird species selected for WMBD 2020 represent diverse groups of birds. Hummingbird Migration Map for 2020 – listing of 2020 hummingbird sightings and migration patterns (Spring & Fall).

Canada Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Maritimes Newfoundland & Labrador Ontario Quebec Saskatchewan.

How will following the Hummingbird Migration Map 2020 help hummingbirds! May 3 - 9.

Many hummingbirds spend the winter in Central America or Mexico, and migrate north to their breeding grounds in the southern United States as early as February, and to areas further north later in the spring. 2020 Hummingbird Sightings Map. Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and all over the world, birds are migrating.

Click on a circle or one of the countries of origin to see more details. April 14, 2020. The eBird program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology just released 500 animated maps spanning the entire Western Hemisphere. Migration has largely subsided but a subset …

Detections of illegal border-crossings statistics download (updated monthly) Source: FRAN and JORA data as of May 2020. Hummingbirds fly by day when nectar sources such as flowers are more abundant.

View map & download species guide. Spring 2020 Maps.

Springtime. April 26 - May 2. March 17, 2020. Watch the season’s story unfold.

But where are they going? American Robins Mouths to Feed.

Hummingbirds expend a tremendous amount of energy during their migration journey.

Choose a year to see sightings data from previous years. Our friend Ned Brinkley describes the … Spring 2020 Hummingbird Migration Map & Sightings.

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