Mountain lions tend to prefer deer and wild hogs, as the pumas can capture these animals without getting too close to people. Texas Mountain Lion Conservation Project - Texas Mountain Lions - Current Status. In Texas, the cougar is considered as nuisance wildlife and any person holding a hunting or a trapping permit can kill a cougar regardless of the season, number killed, sex or age of the animal. The Mountain Lion goes by many different names, cougar, puma, panther, painter, catamount.

Mountain Lion Oil & Gas is a Texas based, family owned company, whose primary focus is acquiring oil and gas leasehold and mineral interests in the Lower 48 of the United States. The Castroville Police Department sent out a community-wide email alert on Tuesday afternoon announcing that a juvenile mountain lion had been spotted in Castroville Regional Park. All of these are just different ways to refer to the same big cat—Puma concolor, the lion of one color. Mountain lions are classified as nongame animals with no restrictions on harvest in Texas. The mountain lion was shot around 8:30 p.m. from 50 yards away with an AR 223 by Aaron Getty, 24, and Tyler Terrell, 21, on a ranch just east of Tuscola. A Mountain Lion cub born in the DFW metroplex has become orphaned; An orphaned Mountain Lion cub is found in the front yard of a typical North Texas residence; If the foundational assumption is not sound, the assumptions built upon it cannot be either.

Puma concolor, the lion of one color.Picture courtesy Wikimedia Commons. Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas – Rewind to February of 2012 and picture having to call Rick and let him know that we were going to have to reschedule Dick and his Mountain Lion Hunts in Texas.Well you can imagine as any hunter would be, they were pretty disappointed. A baby Mountain Lion is simply not a good explanation for what is shown in this picture. You should consider yourself fortunate if you ever get the opportunity to see one of these big cats. In Texas, the Mountain Lion is found throughout the Trans-Pecos, as well as the brushlands of south Texas and portions of the Hill Country.

These Texas Hill Country wild cats, though pose a threat to livestock and pets. Mountain Lion Encounters.

Keep your animals enclosed at night. Lions are reclusive by nature. Sighting and kill reports indicate that Mountain Lions now occur in more counties than they did 10 years ago and appear to be expanding their range into central Texas. The average mountain lion home ranges in the Trans Pecos are 50,000 to 80,000 acres. Nonetheless, it is wise to know what to do if you ever find yourself confronting a mountain lion.

Mountain Lions in the State of Texas.

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