Band Raises. Seated Raises. The side lateral raise primarily targets the lateral head of the deltoid (although it also engages the anterior and posterior heads to a lesser extent), enabling you to isolate this muscle groups.

This is because side lateral raises target that often hard-to-hit lateral head of the shoulder (also referred to as the “side delts”), which is the most important of the 3 shoulder heads to develop if you really want to maximize your overall delt width and thickness. Here's you how to do it right. Lateral Raise Alternatives and Variations Scaption Raise. This exercise particularly focuses on the lateral or medial head of the deltoid, making them appear wider and more developed. Lateral raises are a great exercise to build shoulder strength and mobility, but the form can be tough without focus. If you find that Lateral Raises consistently cause pain, shift your arms forward at a 30-degree angle.

Specifically, lateral raises are considered the best exercise available for working the lateral head of the delts. It's a staple strength training move and is a great option for accessory work on upper body training days. The dumbbell lateral raise is an upper body isolation exercise for building shoulder strength and muscle.

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